Mortgage in Nigeria

At Pevron Estate we have close relationships with several reputable mortgage brokers and financial institutions. These include independent mortgage brokers in the UK as well partnerships with various mortgage banks in Nigeria.

If you do not have a mortgage broker or solicitor in the UK when purchasing properties in Nigeria, we can recommend you to our partners who can assist so you could have a seamless purchase.

For those living abroad looking at purchasing property in Nigeria, we have mortgage products available through top Nigerian banks and financial institutions. banks, these offer varying interest rates, mortgage criteria, deposit (equity contribution) requirements with repayments over a maximum period of 15 years.

Note: Although some Nigerian financial institutions have a ‘savings & loans’ arm, their products are not readily available to those in diaspora.

There is a lot of money to be made in the property arena, and there is a lot of potential for new growth. Pevron Estate can help you cash in on that potential.